A husband’s proud testimonial

This is a true testament: “If you put your mind and body to it everyday, Results will show and payoff!”Jackie is a mother of 3 wonderful children, two boys and a daughter with a very supportive husband. Her story started when the scale read 178 lbs and was a size 16, which was the day she realized things had to change.

The first few months of change was a slow start, and then when she came back from a company retreat she took a leap in trying a new outlook on changing her lifestyle to being stronger, healthier and an overall better mindset. Along her journey nothing has come easy and she has had setbacks. With all new programs her mind and muscles were not on the same page and she would come home in pain and discomfort, but being a mom and getting into mode (all moms know what I’m talking about — “Mom Mode”) of nothing is going to prevent me from where I want to be.

Jackie has overcome tremendous hurdles and made huge sacrifices to get to where she is today. She currently weighs 143 lbs now wearing a size 4 and has lost 35 lbs. This is not the end of her journey as she continues to workout 4-5 times a week and has now shown her family that anything you want to achieve in life is possible. If you catch her at the right time in the gym she is now sporting some serious guns and will take you to the show if asked and yes that loud noise that is sometimes heard from the small group room are the cries of fat leaving her body and gladly pays the $5 charge for whining every time.

Jackie's success story journey

**Submitted with love from the supportive husband because Jackie would never do it and I’m so very proud of her accomplishments!

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