Greg is now at a healthy 235 lbs!

Let’s be honest…we’ve all been to the big name gym and health clubs, and we know what they are like. Personally, I have can think of at least five of the big chain clubs that I have been a member of. So, when my wife told me that she found a “great deal” for a gym membership, I was not all that impressed. Actually, I wanted nothing to do with another gym. However, to keep the wife happy, I went along with her for her first meeting at Results; she was scheduled to meet with Tom.

At first I thought this was going to be just another health club. I didn’t have much faith in the club itself, or that my wife would actually workout. My wife had severe back problems and a multitude of other health issues, and I had pretty much given up on ever getting physically fit again. I was unmotivated and complacent.

My first time at Results was March of this year, but let me back up to last year for a minute. Last year I weighed in at 295 pounds and realized that I had a problem when I got out of breath when I tried to tie my shoes. Time for a crash diet, fad diet, whatever you want to call it diet, but know that it was not healthy and was not the proper way to lose weight. My diet lasted two weeks but I did lose a little weight. By the time March came around and my wife had literally dragged me into Results, I had gained most of that weight back. The fact that I needed some major life style changes was obvious to everybody except me. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, had a hiatal hernia and acid reflux, and was pre-diabetic. All of my joints hurt, especially my knees and hips. I was taking medications for everything that ailed me.

Fast forward back to March of this year. My wife and I went into Results and sat down with Tom. Tom explained different options for us to determine what would best suit our goals and life style. Even after talking to Tom, I was not convinced this would work, but I did realize that Results was nothing like the other “clubs” that I had been a member of. We decided to give Results a shot for at least a six month trial period.

The second time I came into Results was for an equipment orientation. I was caught off guard when I walked in and Miriam (she worked at the front desk) addressed me by name…my first name! I didn’t even know who she was, how did she know me? (Yeah, now I see my name pops up on the computer at the front desk if I use the key card access.) Tom also led the equipment orientation, so at this point I have had no contact with any of the trainers.

On my first “real” day at the gym, I was going to be working out with Jasynte. All of the staff addressed me by name. (Really, what do you do…Test the staff on member names every week?) I really liked the vibe of Results. It was really a comfortable place to be. One of my initial concerns was that the gym would be full of young, hard-bodies posing in front of the mirrors or acting like it was social hour. Something that I have experienced elsewhere. There was nothing like that at Results. The gym was full of normal, everyday people trying to get in shape, stay in shape, lose weight, maintain weight, gain weight, get healthy, stay healthy, or train for a specific other purpose.

After a session with Jasynte, it was time to try this boot camp thing. I thought I was going to die during that first boot camp. Then something strange happened. Total strangers were encouraging me. Normal people doing the same thing that I was doing, in the same boat I was in, albeit some of their boats were a lot closer to easier waters than mine was. I realized then that there was nothing to fear here. Everyone accepted you for who you are. Everyone had their own set of goals and limitations, setbacks and hurdles. But here at Results, everyone was encouraging each other. It quickly felt like one big family, at least for me it felt that way. I soon found myself forming friendships with other members as well as staff members.

In the months since my wife and I have joined Results, I have officially and unofficially trained with every coach/trainer at Results. It amazes me how the staff really goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and to help you out. I know I can talk to any of the staff members at any time about pretty much anything. The staff is always willing to help the members. I have made friendships with other members and staff members that exceed the walls of Results. I have found a gym that is more like a second home than it is a gym.

With the help and encouragement of the staff at Results and the other members at Results, I have found a path to better my life, to get healthy, to get stronger, to get in shape, and to be able to enjoy life. I will never say that it has been easy. The work and the hours that I have put in were hard and grueling, but even on my worst day; I left Results feeling better than when I walked in.

So, what happened to that almost 300 pound guy at the start of the year? Well, let’s see, here is my normal schedule at Results:

Saturday & Sunday – boot camp

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday – heavy lifting or trail running

Tuesday & Thursday – Training with Jasynte

So, what has that accomplished? I now weigh in at 235 pounds. I don’t get out of breath tying my shoes anymore. I have so much more confidence and self respect, and more importantly, I am enjoying life more! I’m not finished yet, but I am well on my way.

Greg's before and after photos

I really have a long list of people to thank for these changes, but specifically I would like to thank all of the staff at Results for being you and for making Results the best gym in the world to workout at. Your willingness to share your knowledge and to give advice to someone who may not even be your client shows how you truly care for the well being of all of the members and the club as a whole.

Greg B.

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