How did Sarah lose the weight?

There’s no better way to describe my journey than to walk you through the type of workouts I conquered at Get Fit Sacramento. I’m a living testimonial that hard work, a healthy meal plan and perseverance pays off. Check out my progress below:

Sarah's progress photos

Sarah's Weight Loss Journey

Myself and few awesome ladies, Linda and Michelle are doing Semi-Private/Small Group Personal Training with Jasynte (Jay-cent) Harris. Coach Jasynte is pretty awesome! When he first came to RESULTS I was unsure as to whether or not we would click. It only took a few Bootcamp classes and conversations with him to convince me that he was the right trainer me and for our group! I really like Jasynte, he has a personal back story of having lost 70+ lbs himself which makes him very relatable. He also has tons and tons of nutrition information and advice, which he offered to share with us, even before we were his personal training clients. This is part of the reason I/we chose Coach Jasynte, in a short time it was easy to tell that Coach Jasynte has a heart of gold, passion for wellness and is in this business to change lives.

Linda, Michelle and I train with Coach Jasynte on Sundays and Wednesdays. I excepted that we would be working hard, but he pushes us to beyond what we think we can do. He looks at each of us as being capable and strong women. I love that!!! All my life I have been overweight.  People would look at me and instantly think that I was physically unable to do something because of my size.  It didn’t take long for me to believe that too. This type of thinking even led ME to believe that I was incapable of demanding physical greatness from my body. In a few short months of eating right and working out with my RESULTS family I slowly started believing in myself, my ability and my body. I have certainly come a long way!

Before I tell you about some of the workouts Jasynte has us doing, I thought I would take you back a couple months to my first Bootcamp.  I remember it like it was yesterday…  Saturday, 1/21/12. Amber Filpot was the Coach. Coach Amber broke us up into teams of 4-5 people, there were 5 stations (gravity table pull-ups, burpees, soft med ball toss ups, pushups and goblet squats) each person had to do 75 repetitions of the exercise before the team could advance to the next station…if someone on your team is behind that everyone else has to do squats or jumping jacks until the last person finishes. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! Fear and shame instantly set in….I started thinking to myself, wonderful now not only does my fat, out of shape body get to hold me back and give me pain but now it gets to hold a whole team of strangers back too :( . Overwhelmed I wanted to back out of the class with my tail between my legs, BUT something stopped me. I want to say that something was determination or drive, but it wasn’t…..It was fear of being judged, I knew for sure if I walked out people would have it in their heads that I was just another fat and lazy person with no drive…so I stuck around.

STATION 1: Class begins and my team started on Goblet Squats…didn’t seem too horrible, thinking to myself…ok girl you can do this. I have a 12lb kettle bell and am barely squatting, but I’m doing enough to get me through! Once we finish our 75 reps, I am EXHAUSTED and ready to go home and crash, but I can’t I have 4 more stations to finish (tears, breathe, tears)….

STATION 2: We move on to the soft med ball toss ups….these were a breeze!!! I used an 8lb soft med ball and got to lay down to do this exercise, just my cup of tea…..Our team moves to the next station push-ups….

STATION 3: FEAR sets in…. I have NEVER in my life even attempted to do push-up, what was I in for???? Amber sees me struggle with my very first try and comes over to tell me to try it from my knees and only go down half way….this was much easier but still probably one of the hardest things I’ve tried EVER (so far of course)….So my team finishes their push-ups and I am somewhere between 25-30 so I have roughly 50 more to go…. Amber has the team start squatting and I feel horrible. After about 3 minutes I am at probably 50, Amber takes pity on the team and lets us move on because there were two other teams waiting for our station. EMBARRASED & MORTIFIED, but I tell myself to keep going (tears, breathe, tears)!!

STATION 4: So our team moves on to gravity table pull ups…. I lay on the table (that Amber moved down from the top slot to about half way)…attempt to pull myself up but my arms have no muscle and are slush after the soft med ball toss ups and pushups…… CRAP, what am I going to do!!!! Amber comes over and moves my table down two more slots…I am almost flat, thinking sweet this should be easy….about 10 reps in, I find out it definitely is not easy!!! Yikes, what am I going do? Amber is across the room and my team is nearly finished with their 75….great I get to hold them back again?!?!?!? I start to panic and then realize that I could use my toes to kick the table at the bottom of the machine to push myself up… Ah ha, I’m genius, I will appear as though I’m doing the pull up right? Obviously cheating….but justifying it because I couldn’t let me team down…. by this point I am TOTALLY DRENCHED in SWEAT (gross), BEET RED and my heart is POUNDING…. I feel like I am literally going to die…. Shit, I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes… I fight them back and go find my water.  Coach Amber, comes up to me and tells me… “Don’t stop, you can do this” and this point I want to knock her out or laugh in her face and walk off.  In my head I am thinking.. PA-LEASE like she knows what I can do, she is 100lbs soaking wet and I am attempting these exercises weighing over 350lbs, she has NO idea…. Instead of saying anything I just nod okay, as I tell myself, Sarah stop being such a bee-atch. She is trying to encourage me… I suck in the tears, take a couple deep breaths and approach station 5…. Yes, this hell is almost over!!!!

STATION 5: BURPEES….excuse me, but what the hell is a burpee???? So Amber demonstrates…. jump up, place both hands on the ground, jump both feet back into a push-up position, push-up and jump back…… WHAT?!?!?! My knees are HURTING so bad I can’t even jump up….. Even if my knees didn’t hurt, I am so freaking FAT that when I bend over I can barely reach the ground, thanks to my HUGE stomach….jumping back and the pushup, LMAO!!! that is not even an option…. I’m just standing there getting ready to cry and Amber walks back over to me and says I can do mountain climbers instead… She demonstrates….no way I cannot even do those… She tells me to try a plank and reminds me that I can do this… So I get into a push-up position (knees on the ground) and one at a time put my feet back and try to plank. Each attempt was quickly met with failure and my knees instantly came crashing to the ground, not a big deal to most people but 350lbs crashing arthritic knees onto a hard floor just isn’t “the business” as my daughter would say. Amber comes back to me and tells me..”Sarah keep trying your mind gives up long before your body does… you have got this”….  Deep breath…. I try again, I have no choice there is nothing else I can do and I just want this hell to end…so I keep planking over and over (each plank lasting only about 3-5 seconds if that)……In probably what was 3-5 minutes (which felt like eternity) I get to about 30 planks and Amber says we are done…… Done???  OMG…YES I did it, I finished the class!!! I not so gracefully stand up and start to leave someone on my team says wait a minute….we have the finisher and then we have to stretch…. I turn around and ask.. finisher what is that??

FINISHER & STRETCHES: Coach Amber has everyone get into a big circle…we play a game similar to musical chairs.. We pass 2 soft med balls around to the music, when we get the ball we have to do a squat and then pass it to the next person. When the music stops if you have the ball you have to do 10 push-ups. Game begins balls are circling and I am doing ok. Music stops….WTF!!!! I’m holding the ball…. I get onto the floor make some half-hearted attempts at push-ups and then return to the game…..We start again… then the music stops…yes I’m not holding the ball (I look up and thank Jesus) music starts again….then stops….DAMN IT, I have the ball again….. I get onto the floor and feel like I’m dying, everyone in the class cheers me on…. two more rounds of the game and I am lucky enough not to get that ball again… YESSSS!!!!!!!

STRETCHING…As we stretch I realize that I cannot even do this easily….I keep going and then start feeling ashamed and think… Wow, Sarah what have you done to yourself????? These thoughts were quickly met with nausea. I say some parting words to Coach Amber and my team and leave as fast as I can!!! I get in my car and peel out of there. I don’t make it more than two blocks before I have to pull over to throw up…. I ended up throwing up 3 more times on the way home and then 2 more at home….. SHEESH!!!!!!!!!  Not to mention that my knees were covered in bruises from my “planks” for 2 weeks after that Bootcamp!!

Obviously, I outlined the pure hell that I went through in my first Bootcamp. What I didn’t tell you is how through the entire class every single person in there offered encouraging words or a smile. I have worked out at many different gyms and always felt like an outcast. I was constantly being murmured about or laughed at…. I expected it would be the same or even worse here, BUT I was WRONG. I have no idea why or how they (RESULTS GYM) do it, but the environment that the owners and trainers have created and continually encourage is one of love, support, understanding and a can do attitude. So much so, that even after walking through the depths of hell in my first Bootcamp, I decided to return. Here I am nearly 6 months later still coming back and feeling stronger and healthier than I have in my ENTIRE LIFE!!!!

My success story with Get Fit Sacramento

It’s been a great journey so far and is only getting better with personal training. Coach Jasynte is having us do all sort of not-traditional workouts. We do circuits that include all sorts of things, like battle ropes, sand bag tosses, pushing/pulling the prowler sled, flipping tractor tires, etc…. Awesome, I only saw people do these things on TV and now I get to do them! This last Sunday was our first attempt at flipping the tractor tire and I LOVED it! These are things I would’ve never done or even tried in my old life….but now not only am I trying these things, I am owning them! I have told the owners and trainers how thankful I am to be a member at their gym, but I don’t know if I could ever thank them enough. I feel like I am literally changing what was doomed to be a horrible life filled with obesity, illness, depression and probably being wheel-chair bound….. into one of wellness, excitement, adventure and a life worth living. I for the first time am realizing that I do have something great in me and that greatness is closer than I could’ve ever imagined it and is SO worth fighting for!

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