Kim’s fitness journey

When I joined the gym I was hoping to burn more calories and learn how to use the machines. I didn’t even know how to use the treadmill, let alone the other machines. I remember being jazzed with I could walk at 3.5 mph for 15 minutes. I now know that the real workout is the exercises you have taught me and I finished a 5K at about 5mph pace.

You have been supportive of me at every step and level of my journey. You have shown me exercises, given me pointers on how to make them better, always been proud of the level I am at while still believing I could do more. You point out the muscles I should be using as well as the ones I should be relaxing. All this has been done in such an encouraging way.

You have taught me that I can work through the burn, that I can finish hard and with the best one yet. I now picture graphs top get me through. You have given me the knowledge that I am capable of all of this. You give me the credit for doing what you have asked of me. You believe in me, I do the work and then I believe too. That is a true gift.


Kim's body transformation with Get Fit Sacramento
Thank you Kealii! I have enjoyed this journey and I am looking forward to the next adventure!

Kim D.

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