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Get Fit Sacramento Trainer, Kealii


Keali’i’s involvement in sports and play as a youngster developed into a curious appreciations for the human body, its function, and adaptations. This curiosity led him to further his studies in the fields of sports medicine at Whitman College and later to earn a degree in exercise and sport science USF. His studies have allowed him to work with and along side a diverse selection of people over the past years.

Whether it be first-time gym goers or seasoned athletes, Keali’i is attentive to each client’s needs and physical abilities. During each and every session with a client, he tries to utilize scientifically researched practices to safely and effectively achieve the desired outcome. Keali’i encourages all to engage in life long active lifestyles by renewing challenges and expanding the confines of the body and mind.


Get Fit Sacramento Trainer, Sonja


Sonja came to us in January 2011 with a passion for helping people. She has made a major career change from a Social Worker to fitness professional is now pursuing an education in fitness at American River College. Maintaining good health and fitness has been a life long journey for Sonja, and as a coach at Results, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with others looking to achieve and maintain their own fitness goals. Sonja enjoys getting to know the wonderful members and is grateful to be a part of this amazing team of coaches. Sonja says, “It is such a comfortable environment. Results is personal, friendly and inviting, and I always look forward to spending my days with everyone that walks in that door!”



Get Fit Sacramento Personal Trainer, KamiKAMI HOVERSON

Kami’s interest in sports started with a recreation youth league basketball team. After realizing the enjoyment that basketball provided she joined cheerleading and gymnastics for the remainder of her school years. Many sports injuries later, an internship at a physical therapy office arose and she jumped at the chance to learn more about rehabbing the body. Upon graduating high school, she attended Bryan College where she learned more about the prevention of injuries and illnesses through exercise and healthy eating habits. After completing school and receiving a degree and a certification through ACSM, she started her career as a personal trainer to help people work past injuries and all the other obstacles life throws out. Having family members affected by poor nutrition and lack of activity, it has become a goal of hers to help others understand the importance of staying healthy and realize the amazing impact it can have, not only on one individual but also family and friends. She enjoys every small victory clients achieve just as much as the big milestones and is excited to continue helping others in their journeys.

Get Fit Sacramento Personal Trainer, TaylorTAYLOR CATRETT

Taylor Catrett grew up with an active childhood, playing multiple sports all the way through high school. During his time playing sports he learned the importance of proper preparation for competition. Taking his love of sports he went on to play football for two years in junior college. This experience heightened his drive to be in great shape. After two years of college he joined the US Army and served for 4 ½ years. During his service, his love for fitness grew and he became aware that training for any situation was very important. After his service he studied Kinesiology at San Jose State earning his Bachelors of Science in December 2012. The accumulation of sports and the military gave birth to the love of training and helping others be the best that they can be. He continued his education by receiving certification from NASM for both personal training and corrective exercise. He is also a certified strength and conditioning coach and is certified in the TRX. After working in the personal training business for 4 years he is excited about the change that Results 24 offers. He has experience with bootcamps and group training. He believes that training the body is the key to health maintenance and prolonged quality of life. Everyone can benefit from proper exercise and health awareness, no matter their current condition. Through foam rolling, stretching, and intense exercise most problems can be fixed. He enjoys seeing clients fight for their goals and achieving them beyond what they thought they could accomplish.

Get Fit Sacramento Personal Trainer, CarlosCARLOS LOZANO

As a child I grew up living a very inactive lifestyle which consisted of eating whatever I pleased and not doing any physical activity. As a sophomore in High School I reached 230 pounds. At that time I made the decision to play play football. I still remember my first day i went out for try outs I had asked the coach if I could leave early because i was so out of shape. That was the most I had every worked out in my life and I could barely take it. I am really happy my coach didn’t let me quit. As a result of him not giving up on me and letting me letting me go it became a huge turning point in my life. Up until that point I had not realized how out of shape I was. It only took 30 minutes of try out practice to open my eyes. I stuck with in through my senior year and lost a good amount of weight with the new active lifestyle. In my senior year I also took up Volleyball and the coaches really enjoyed the energy and attitude so I became the Freshmen coach. After a couple years of coaching I realized this is where my passion was. I decided to to work for and receive my associates degree in Exercise Science and also went and got certified as a personal trainer through NASM. Since I love functional training and group I added a TRX Suspension certification in so I can continue to coach groups. I have a lot of continued education plans but most of all I am excited to be a part of the Results Coaching Team.

I have learned that life is great as long as we it allow it to be. I am excited to help empower you and I love to meet new people and help them reach their goals. After all your goal becomes my goal.

Looking forward to our RESULTS!

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