Paula was able to dedicate herself to new new healthy lifestyle!

When I first came to Get Fit Sacramento by Results 24 Hour Gym in March of this year, I was in constant and brutal pain. I could not walk without a severe limp and bent over. I was isolated at home, was depressed, and had given up on life.

I had four (4) herniated discs in my back due to degenerative disc disease. I was in so much pain that my primary care physician had prescribed Methadone and Percocet as daily meds to alleviate the pain. My mobility was so bad that the doctor had also issued me a permanent handicap placard for my car. On the rare occasions that I went shopping, I had to ride in one of the motorized carts. Besides the back pain, I was pre-diabetic, 60 pounds over weight, had reactive lymph-nodes that resulted in bone marrow biopsies, high inflammation, and neck surgery. I was chronically fatigued, had scarring of the esophagus and had extreme esophageal spasms that resulted in four ambulance rides to the emergency room the previous year. I was on too many medications to list. I could keep going on about my physical ailments, but you get the point.

Emotionally I was a wreck as well. I was not me anymore. I was depressed, apathetic, isolated, ashamed, desperate, and demoralized. I had come to another crossroads in my life; hanging at the precipice of a huge cliff, barely hanging on to the edge. One path plunged down into oblivion; the other path was a brutal trail, slippery and even very steep. I knew that to get “me” back and to have a chance at a normal, active, and long life, I had to start up that trail. So I held my breath, gathered some faith, and took that first step up that long slope.

That first step landed me at the Results 24 Hour Gym. I drug my husband along with me (literally). That first time in Results, I was standing in front of Tom, scared but hopeful for the first time in many years. I was Scared because I had never made the kind of commitment that I was now contemplating. I was Hopeful because I immediately saw that this place was different. The trainers, coaches, and staff all seemed to be invested in making the atmosphere comfortable.

All of the staff members have been happy to assist me with any needs or concerns that I have had, regardless of whether or not they personally coached me. Because of genuine and friendly staff, the great equipment and classes, the personal training tailored to my specific special needs, I have been able to dedicate myself to this change in my entire lifestyle. I am made accountable to my personal trainer, Sonja, for all my nutritional and exercise choices. I am always challenged to improve and build upon my small victories. Now, seven months later, I am amazed at how far I have come:

I have lost 29 pounds so far!

I have lost 11 ½ inches total in six weeks!

I now fit into size 6 jeans!

I can now walk, run, jump, climb, hike, ski, bike ride, and so much more!

Those accomplishments are simply amazing, because that first night when I got ready to make that drive to Results, I could not even lift my left leg into the car without using my hands to physically lift my leg into the car.

I am no longer taking most of those medications, my blood work is outstanding (not even close to diabetic), my fat percentage is within the normal desirable range, and for the first time in 15 years, I bought a bathing suit.


Paula's before and after photos

I have even inspired (so I am told) a couple of the staff members and two of my close friends to take steps to “get healthy” as they put it. I feel so good, inside and out. I have been given “me” back, and I cannot express in words what that truly means to me. My life has hope, direction, and adventure again. I never thought that I would ever get to feel that way about life again. Thank you so much!

Thank you for making this journey so amazing. Thank you Sonja, Tom, Jasynte, Keali’i, Nick, and all the other coaches for listening and offering the support, advice, and training that I need. Thank you for being more like a family and NOT like drill instructors or disinterested baby-sitters.

You guys are really like Cheers, except this gym is not only where everyone knows your name, but also where everyone knows “no pain, no gain”. (The right kind of pain, of course.)

Paula B.


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