Sean’s weight loss story

At the end of 2011, I was feeling overweight, lazy and unmotivated. I had decided to step on the scale for the first time in months to see how out of hand I let myself get. I had weighed in at 249 pounds at the end of December 2011. I had recently been told I needed a doctor’s authorization to take a physical fitness test at work because my blood pressure was 168/90 above the 140/80 allowed. Those two concerns made me realize I needed to take action and start working out.

I started with some moderate jogging and a couple basic weight machines on my own at my community gym. I was immediately discouraged after one month of working out 2-3 times a week for a month I had only lost 1 pound.

Then came February when I came into Get Fit Sacramento with my wife Judy for a Saturday orientation to redeem our Groupons. We were greeted by staff as well as Matt and Peter. Matt and Peter gave the orientation and we left thinking this is a different type of gym than we had been to in the past. I was anxious and ready to see what they were talking about on my first bootcamp the following Tuesday.

I was greeted by staff and coaches the first day and they introduced themselves. I was given extra attention on form because they knew I was new and wanted to prevent injuries. I left that workout exhausted but hungry to find out what the next workout entailed on Thursday. After a week of participating in bootcamps, I was immediately interested in more. I was blown away that the coaches remembered my name after only participating in one or two classes. Definitely adds an awesome personal touch and family atmosphere.

The bootcamps were nothing like I had ever experienced before and the changes began taking place immediately. After the first full month, I had lost 4 pounds and knew I had to continue going to Results after my Groupon ended. The following month I lost 9 pounds, then 7 pounds the next month, then 8 pounds the next month, and 4-5 pounds the following couple months. I never knew I could ever be addicted to anything but the bootcamp classes at Results proved me wrong.

The coaches have a genuine passion for their work and it shows they really are interested in their clients achieving their results. Whether it was Shenell, Nick, Sonja, Lauren or Jasynte, they all provided a push to get through a workout and a push to push harder than the last time. They all have their own twist and coach’s specials to each workout which always make them fun.

The semi-private group training experience with Jasynte Harris has been an investment that has paid off hugely. The strength gains and body transformation I have experienced in just four months are hard for me to believe. It has gotten me into the best shape of my life and I continue to want to build off of the prior week’s results. The small group experience has held me accountable for my nutrition, workouts outside of training sessions, and stretching.

In just seven months, I was able to achieve 40 pound weight loss. I have lowered my blood pressure from 168/90 to 112/66. My body fat was 31% and now in the 15-16% range. My BMI range went from obese to normal weight. Most importantly, we as a family have incorporated fitness into our daily life. Thank you to Results for being so awesome and helping me and my family reach our fitness goals.

Thank you!
Sean L.

Sean's Before and After Photos

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