Success Story, Jonathan S.

Professional TV News Reporter, Jonathan S.

As a professional television news reporter, I have always had to be conscious of what I looked like due to the demands of being on camera and constantly meeting people. I took pride in my looks largely in part because it was expected in the job. That was until 2005 when I found myself having to give up my civilian job since I was in the Army National Guard on a deployment roster bound for Iraq. Sure, I still worked out but being in combat day in and day out, to help calm my nerves, I began to eat a lot, desserts, burgers, fries, you name it, I ate it.

I returned from Baghdad in November, 2006 and had jumped from my lean 155 pounds to 170 pounds. I wasn’t too concerned since I was back in the USA and therefore, able to get back to the gym. Well, later that same year, I found myself again on a deployment roster, this time as a commander. I had been back home for less than a year and off again overseas. What didn’t come off, however, was the weight. Again, with the added stress of being deployed, away from home and constantly on missions, I turned to food again for comfort. I continued to do my physical training, but we all know that unless we watch what we eat, sometimes exercise is in vain. I jumped from 170 to 190. At five-feet-five, this was a heaviest I had ever been. It wasn’t till I went on leave to Greece during my two-week R&R did a realize how big I had become. Someone snapped a photo of me before we headed out to the beach. I WAS APPALLED! What happened to that lean, good-looking t-v news reporter that once had it all together. Certainly this wasn’t what I wanted to look like.

As my second deployment wrapped up, I returned once again to the U.S determined to get back into somewhat decent-shape. I returned to my old gym, jogged a lot, pumped some iron but the weight remained the same. In late 2010, I was home in Hawaii on facebook when I saw an ad about 1-2-3 fit and BTF boot camps.I thought I would check it out and called the number in the ad. I talked to Tom Cepeda and he asked me to come to the gym.

I found myself at the old 1-2-3 Fit a few weeks later and enrolled in an initial boot camp class. While I enjoyed it, after my sessions ran out, I did not renew because I was sent to Europe on another Army mission. Upon my return, I still weighed in around 188 or so and finally decided I had had enough. I began watching what I ate more closely and started to lose weight.. I once again enrolled in boot camp but went a step further and bought coaching sessions with Keali’i. Since we are both from Maui and our families know each other, it was a great match. But beyond that, Keali’i told me not to focus too much on the body weight but on toning up and loosing fat. So, that’s what I did. Since March, of this year, I have dropped a lot of fat off my body and my weight is down to about 170. I am still far from being 155 but closer than I have been in years. Also, I have gained a lot of my muscle mass back and feel great once again about the way I look.

Get Fit Sacrament, Jonathan's before and after

As I look to the future, my goal is get back to about 155. My 50th birthday is next year and my high school class mates and I are planning a big bash in Las Vegas to celebrate this milestone. I have to say thanks to Results because that is exactly what I have attained, thanks to my coach Keali’i and the other fine professionals that we have all come to know and love at this place we proudly call our gym/fitness center of choice in Sacramento.

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