Tanya’s Fitness Journey

I have battled smoking, chronic asthma and my weight for years. With age, my asthma and weight both grew more severe. The asthma became so severe that I was hospitalized on several occasions for days and weeks at a time. My last hospitalization in 2011 was extremely scary, my family and I were not sure if I would push through?! Thankfully I did . Doctors treated my asthma with a complex cocktail of medications that added up to nearly $150 monthly. The medications that included steroids, allergy medications were not enough alone. I would utilize my nebulizer 2-3 times daily (some days between 6-8 times), and my fast acting inhaler 15+ times a day. These medications (and my weight) produced multiple side effects, the jitters, high blood pressure, etc… I felt out of control and like I was stuck in a vicious circle. As the pounds came on, my asthma would get worse, which would have my doctors responding by increasing my medications &/or adding new medications to the mix. I literally felt like there was no way out.

January of this year my partner, Sarah & I decided we had to do something about our health. I set out determined to quit smoking, start eating right and exercising. I knew I had a challenge ahead, but my resolve was stronger than ever and would hopefully be easier because I had a partner getting healthy with me. About 15 days after beginning Sarah was given a gift of Bootcamp classes at Results the 24 Hour Gym. At that time the Results was offering a great deal, which allowed me to try group training classes with Sarah at a LOW cost.

I tried Bootcamp and Zumba, and loved them both. Even more than that, I really loved the atmosphere at Results. Everyone (trainers, staff and members) were so friendly and encouraging it made it easy to come back. After my trail classes we had the option of joining the gym. Although both Sarah and I loved Results, the members and the progress we had made, we decided not to join. The cost was double our normal membership and couldn’t justify spending “that much” on a gym membership. It only took us 2 visits to our old gym before we realized/decided that we had to figure out a way to justify a membership at Results because our chances of meeting our goals were much higher there. You know saying, you get what you pay for…it is definitely true in this case. Actually, we got MORE!

Just eight short months at Results my life has been transformed. I am “Feeling Good, Feeling Great”…. Stronger and Healthier than I can remember ever being!!!! I am glad to report that my asthma is well under control. Doctors have taken me off of five asthma medications AND my blood pressure medications!!!! I have only had to use my nebulizer twice since February and my fast acting inhaler less than ten times. TEN TIMES in eight months, that is less than I would use in one day before I start my fitness/wellness journey. Not only have my medications been decreased and my asthma/blood pressure become more controlled, I have lost over 70lbs and went from a woman’s size 18 to a size 4!!!! I feel stronger than ever and so very proud and confident when I see how far my body has come.

Tanya's Fitness Story

I am so thankful and blessed that both Sarah and I were lucky enough to find Results the 24 Hour Gym. Our lives have changed so much and the change is so great that our family, friends and even co-workers are inspired to start living a healthier life. It is with much love and gratitude I extend whole-hearted thank you to my family at Results. You have helped change my life for the better!


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